Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ncn convention 08 and new york trip

just got back from the Ncn convention in North Carolina in Reliegh....which was very boring, sept for the fact that the convention was great....meeting all the people i wanted to meet and enjoying the company of new faces ( to Draw). each day was great, just flying through ideas....which payed off, i got to bring home some awards ( 1st for both Outstanding Cartoon style and Party Style, 2nd in Abstract/ Design style), the rest of the beastheads also recieved awards. it was great.
go beast heads!!!
Afterwards i went to new york where i stayed with Tomokazu and Yuko tabata and Kunikazu and Kimicho where we meet up up later with Dan Springer, Paul Moyse, Elgin "Subway Surfer", Jeramy Stock, Kayla, Alician, Joe Bluhm and other artist and walked around with or either drew with in bars or on the subways or sight seeing and taking lots of photos. all in all was one of the greater adventures i have ever been on. thanx to everyone for your support on everything, and i'm glad i got to hang out and get to know all of of you out there, you know who you are....it was a pleasure drawing with you and sharing ideas and philosophy. I hope i can meet up with everyone again. thanx