Tuesday, February 24, 2009

japan mini con.....

jeremy, kunikazu, andy, tomokazu

drawn by jeremy stock... of tom and i and how all we do is cuss.
kenichi, andy, tom, jeremy, and hashi

channel 23, thats his name

tom and yoichi, wearing thier speed competiton masks

so, its been great over here....

the past few weeks have been crazy. my buddy jeremy stock flew in from Buffalo, he had been staying with Tomo and I for several weeks now. did a couple small gigs, did some sight seeing...kinda funny watching another american guy goof up alot. but he was only staying through the convention time and lil after...tomo had helped him set up for his big trip further into JAPAN...on his way to cold cold cold Iwate. which was up north. but it was fun hving him around. kinda changed the experience a lil...but ina good way.

also the mini-con here in Asakusa, Japan was great. i got to meet all other friends i hadnt seen since id gotten here, plus additional members.

conventions here are crazy quick, two days of drawing time (but only til 930pm) and you only get to choose four of your best.....mostly everybody , had only been working on four, maybe three, or really huge ones with many faces.

i just tryed my best to draw everyone i had made friends with, plus there were so many great faces my head was going to explode.

i didnt win any big award, but i did get some sweet drawings of me. thanx for having me Japan.

Thanx: Tomo, Zengo, Kunikazu, Junko, Yuko, Ayumi, Tom, Taka, Yuri, Chologi, Jero, Yoichi, Mizuki, Buncoro, Ryohei, Ryo, Say-g, Kamal, Miki, Tomoko, Module bar, La Muggina, to all the street vendors and all the artist i met, and all the people; the many many many people. Thank You.

tomokazu, jeremy, and i in kyoto

in kyoto with friends

working in osaka with Mau , Tomo, Yoichis lil bro and friend....and with jeremy

Monday, February 9, 2009

Live Painting and sketch night in Japan

my sketches from the party.

we had a korean cook out over at Tomos house, everyone came. we drank, we drawded, and just straight up had a good time. was great fun

the next night, me and Taka went to this Bar around midnight in Shibuya, called Module. Where we had been hired to live paint. it was awesome...we didnt start until 2....the place closed at 6.

taka went first, and he painted a lion.....its was pretty cool. i was after....we all took shots before our turns, which made it very interesting. we both spent about 30 to 45 minutes on each setting.

we made friends with everyone there that night, the guest,the djs, the bartenders.

cant wait to get invited back....was an awesome experience. and getting paid for it wasnt so bad either. thanx Taka and club Module for having me.