Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lil cafe' Sketches, some work stuff too

drawing at Lestats coffe shop last night with buddy Chris and my Cloudy

some couples from sea world

a bunch of crazy kids

Friday, May 8, 2009

about a boy

hello everyone, theres something that many of you out there don't know.....before i left to japan, my girl friend and i had found out that we would be having a baby. the week before i left to japan to be exact. so i was gone for about two girl had sent me a photo of our baby at about 6 weeks, since i wasnt able to be there. so ive been back and well we're half way through the pregnancy ( 21 wks) now about 5 mths.
our baby at about 6 weeks ( our lil gummy bear)

so i was finally able to see our baby today, with our sonogram appointment. this was going to be the first time since i'd been back to see our baby, moving and everything. not only that but we would also be able to find out the sex.

man was it nerve wrecking, cloudy wanted a boy....i really didnt care either way....but i was excited.
especially when the doctor was doing her routine, checking the heart, the growth, and even its brain...and everything looked great, our babies heart rate was perfect, its growing according to schedule and its brain was developing surprisingly enough much more advance then i would have expected from myself....hahahaha . i almost choked. but she finally teased us with questions about our expectancies of what our babies sex would be....and well....
We"re having a BOY!! man thats so awesome...he'll be born around Sept 15th. we've already decided on names.our baby at 21 weeks, top and bottom....i like that they typed boy on his Wiener, thats funny....but man does he have a great profile.
introducing Damian Azul Urzua, arriving this fall