Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cloudy, My Son And I

i painted at this years convention with gouche on some of my pieces, i was happy with the results that i wanted to try it out at home. so heres one i did of us three. enjoy.

ISCA Convention Las Vegas

some pictures from this years convention. it was great seeing everyone. too bad so many artist couldn't make it. but we tryed to make the best of it. taking trips to the strip for an all night drink a thon. while trying to get up for the next day of drawing. It was one great week and great turnouts for awards as well. placing second to my close friend Kevin Jackson was an honor, also to see so many BeastHeads place in most top catagories was awesome. so heres a lil of what i got to share. check out facebook: andy urzua for more pictures

the first night in Vegas...we found a liquer store and bought the biggest drinks we could find.

having dinner at the HArdRock in vegas

at the Venitian with friends

us proud Beast Heads

i placed second for Outstanding Cartoon style. next to Kevin Jackson who got first and Kira Layli Scott who placed third