Monday, November 23, 2009

good times in Ohio

us cool guys with our cartoon awards, go beastheads
my lookalikes

my korean buds

some of my works from the ohio con

us beasties

my wall

hey everyone thanx for everything. is was great hanging with all my good friends in ohio. i came early and was able to hang with Nate kapnickey and his family. also we met up with Aaron Philby to visit cedar point an aweome rollarcoaster park with great fellow caricaturist. but the highlight was going to convention which is what we had come out for in the first place. i was so happy to see everyone again and to meet new artist. there was alot of great stuff this year, can't wait for Vegas. hell yeah! .....i'll try to upload soon to facebook/myspace, as soon as facebook/myspace stops acting dumb with the "uploading"