Thursday, March 26, 2009

My friends

manny drawing at his easel
mr oakes
nate as a mermaid, like he wanted

well i havent had to many chances to draw something beasthead worthy. since im still trying for my daily goals. but summers coming and i'm ready. so for now i just draw crazy ones of my friends, since they can always inspire me.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cloudy, Mark, Nate and I

we'll i'm back from japan, and since i've been back i've just been playing catch up at work, trying to make that money, since i'm now broke from my trip. But still though i haven't had a chance to draw many crazy ones, as i would like it. but thats ok.

but i did get a chance to draw some quick drawings of my girl Cloudy, my bud Mark and myself, along with a lil illustration of Nate Kap. enjoy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

back from japan

I posted pictures on past postings, but heres a painting portraying my pals parting farwells

this was drawn by Tomokazu Tabata's talented wife Yuko Zengo, as a going aways gift....thank you Yuko. heres the names of everyone from left to right like a book: Etsko, Ayumi, my boss Junko, Yuko, Chologi, Shinichi's wife, Kage, Taka, Jero, Tomoko's husband, Shinichi, Kunikazu, Tomokazu, Zengo-san, Tomoko, Tom, ANDY&Jeremy, and Miki

thanx again