Saturday, January 31, 2009

more randomness from japan

heres some photos from drawing at the mall, this time i worked with tomgraffiti....tom is the guy who at the convention in Reno won 2nd for cartoon style, what a fun guy to work with....i,m staying at his house at the guy.

heres my friend Yuko, who came by to get drawn by me.....she like to sing, and she sings great.
my number one fan, he watched me draw allday, and wanted one from me....that was really cool of him.....i madefriends with him. he`s a great foot docter named Kiyoshi Suzuki, thanx doc!
a real cool old japanese couple who were daring enough to get one by me today....real nice people

tom drawing, his got a real cool way to draw people....kinda character design like, real to watch.
i drew tom, between sessions, several times....
tom trying to draw me, says im difficult.....
tom, and one of us both and his red socks

hope you all dig em

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Randomness In Japan

at cool procussion concert in water front lounge. they had performers

Roots guitarist and Drummer Quest Love Djing

me ayumi and sayori, in tokohama with Dj Quest Love

making laminations for my displays for later.

Ats, yuko, tomo and i at Ats leather goods shop
with Taka
i made mexican American japanese en-greedy-ence tacos....

tomo at work, with his original pieces

settin up for the Tokyo Mini con.....speed competition examples.
at Kages office of work drawing for his crew

and japanese randomness

hey everyone! if you didnt know....i`ve been in Japan the last has it been busy....i`ve been to concerts, meet new people, went dancing, kareoked, i meet the Dj and legendary roots drummer Quest Love and thier guitarist.

Meet up with Kage to prepare for the events at the Tokyo MiniCon...being held in Febuary, the 16th...not to late to enter theres going to be lots of people there...check the NCN forum for more details. very exciting

Tomo and I were also invited to visit at KAges studio to draw with his staff, so they can better thier techniques or something....a learning experience i think, for everyone really.

but all in all its been non stop, i got our friend Jeremy Stock to play a gig down here when he arrives to japan with my bosses daugther , who sings at some small lounge here in Shibuya. and also to sing at the MiniCon.....thats going to be awesome!!!

maybe we`ll sing and dance in the street for YEN!!

ill post more when i can.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Andy-may tokyo pop

hey everyone i just got back from a lil going awya party with friends.....christina who gathered up everyone for the lil dinner party at El Toritos thanx Cree.... and thanx manny, lindsy, chelsea, jessica, Oak:s, lil julia and francesca....for coming out and having appetizers with me before my big tokyo caricature sukiyaki extravaganza ala mode'!!!

heres a little cartoon strip that Manny and the rest drew up while we starts out, each person draws up a seen...and i the topic was me on my way to japan and the adventures there after. enjoy

Sunday, January 11, 2009

leaving for japan

my last schedule
my girl cloudy
some cool basketball kid
scruffy mc gruff and larry moe and jack

hey everyone...i'll be gone, liven in japan drawing and visiting friends....this will be my last post for awhile till i get a hold of a computer and the internet. lub yahs