Monday, January 12, 2009

Andy-may tokyo pop

hey everyone i just got back from a lil going awya party with friends.....christina who gathered up everyone for the lil dinner party at El Toritos thanx Cree.... and thanx manny, lindsy, chelsea, jessica, Oak:s, lil julia and francesca....for coming out and having appetizers with me before my big tokyo caricature sukiyaki extravaganza ala mode'!!!

heres a little cartoon strip that Manny and the rest drew up while we starts out, each person draws up a seen...and i the topic was me on my way to japan and the adventures there after. enjoy


rymit said...

some sick fucks man, have a good time!

Mr. Urzua said...

hey thanx ryan, that comics pretty funny...but yeah japans going to be awesome.

Brian Oakes said...

Sooo funny!