Sunday, January 11, 2009

leaving for japan

my last schedule
my girl cloudy
some cool basketball kid
scruffy mc gruff and larry moe and jack

hey everyone...i'll be gone, liven in japan drawing and visiting friends....this will be my last post for awhile till i get a hold of a computer and the internet. lub yahs


chris chUa! said...

I like the old dude one especially. not sure about that line from the slanty one's nose.

hope you have fun in japan! hopefully, you'll get to post some updates.

bert5693 said...

have fun in japan dude, hope to see you in november again.

justfrancesca said...

I hope you have fun, Andy!

Mr. Urzua said...

hey thanx guys....its been fun down here so far...non stop crazy ness...i got to meet the Roots drummer Quest Love who DJ`d at this club in YOKOHAMA with my friend Ayumi and her friend Sayori...and he DJ`d the whole about random.

but alls been good....hopfully i will be able to go to Ohio....i would love to see everyone again.