Wednesday, March 4, 2009

back from japan

I posted pictures on past postings, but heres a painting portraying my pals parting farwells

this was drawn by Tomokazu Tabata's talented wife Yuko Zengo, as a going aways gift....thank you Yuko. heres the names of everyone from left to right like a book: Etsko, Ayumi, my boss Junko, Yuko, Chologi, Shinichi's wife, Kage, Taka, Jero, Tomoko's husband, Shinichi, Kunikazu, Tomokazu, Zengo-san, Tomoko, Tom, ANDY&Jeremy, and Miki

thanx again


TAKANABE said...

Amazing stuff!! So,many & So crazy!
One of my favorite is your miki.

martinus said...

Man I love your simple and so effective

I especially like the angular one of the dude with the green hat.,

justfrancesca said...

These are so great! I really like the one of Kage, and the one right underneath Yuri (I think). I was going to say, "The one with the black glasses and the hat," but everyone has glasses and a hat, so never mind.

bert5693 said...

dude! congrats on the little urzua, keep me posted on that. i am happy to hear you will be going to the con this year, its gonna be blast, a bunch of artist from tampa are tagging along this year.
cant wait!!!

JPA studios said...

Funny stuff dude