Saturday, February 16, 2008

my trip to japan

hey everyone i back..and boy was my trip fun.

the first day i got there i was picked up by my buddy Tomokazu Tabata..and Tom (mr graffitti)

it was cool, but poor Tomo was sick so he had to wear a mask the whole time, so got to experince the trains, i got to play sports like soccar and Wii sports near Mt Fuji...i worked at there Huge mega mall called 7&iholdings, drawing caricatures...

i got to see many of the different parts of Tokyo and the out skirts like Gotenba...i even was fortunate to have stayed over in Yokohama with some other friends.

i made a lot of friends on my trip, and it was so easy cause everyone was so polite.

i reaaly got to know what japan was like...and i had always dreamed of going there.

i sang kareoke..i played video games...i got hit on by girls...i drew people....i prayed, drank and shared stories....and the only thing that makes me that i had to leave

ill miss my friends, but ill be year

ive posted most of my photos on my space under my if you all want to see some of them check them out

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chris chUa! said...

really cool pics, man. love those caricatures you did as well too.