Friday, July 11, 2008

more fun stuff

my picasso drawing

nice clean shark sketch


this one almost got redrawn
his 21st b-day at seaworld


ExpandForFree said...

Great illustrations! Have you drawn any celebrities at Sea World?

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Mr. Urzua said...

nope, not yet. im actaully working on some celeb drawings on the side though. but hey thanx

bert5693 said...

good stuff andy! i love your simplicity and accuracy, i gotta try simplifying as much, but its not easy at all.

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

luvin that asian kid on the shark. that "almost reject" looks Tomo. Keep it up

Mr. Urzua said...

thanx for the kind words...glad your digging the new stuff

hey man just try less lines thats more about the shapes...swint if you have to. HaHa! i dunno...just have fun