Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sam & Andy loose on The Vegas strip

so i just got backfrom my trip to vegas....its was a long a boring ride there, on the bus, but it was worth it. i meet up with Sam who was already waiting for me when i arrived. Man, did we have fun...just goofing around there, walking the strip...getting free stuff...meeting interesting people...drinking....and drinking some more....going dancing....taking pictures, it was fun....cant wait to go back.

the first day i arrived i got to meet some of the other vendors from the strip where she stayed... we got treated with "DEMOS" of everything. from caricatures to Dancing heads...this funny green screen thingy that adds your head to a dancing body with music...i wish i could upload that, but i still have to figure that out. erica, a really cool hippie like artist who does caricatures and murals
thats done by erica

lucas johnston, cool guy, he drew us all crazy like.

Other friends of Sams,the sexy security girl and her friend from the photo booth.....b-day sam oreo cookie smooch!!!
we walked the strip from one end to the next just hanging out and having fun...taking crazy photos where ever we could....and oh boy, is there that many opportunities.

rainbows out the bum hole

cup 'n a boob

nipple pinchy

karate kick

cough cough

nice and firm

it turned out to be Sams birthday during my stay...which was fun....meeting her friends and having dinner. she just turned 18....ha! nah really shes 21. ;)

thats me on the right with erica, diana, buddy rose, his two sons: wall-e n harris, Vick, Sam, and her other friend. .....good times
my last moment in vegas....sam drew me, im sad....cause i realy didnt want to leave....she captured what i was really feeling. damn you. ill be back though...for sure.

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sammiepants said...

Aww! That was a fun experience! So long ago!