Friday, September 19, 2008

lots more drawings

katie again

she was scared that i was going to draw her teeth...oops

a real sweet couple

dan avery
me and katie


i had to get her smile, so i candid ly took this photo.

this was the CUTEST kid that i had ever had the privilege to draw.
it was her birthday, Aaron thought this one was pretty daring....but i couldn' help myself
the last one of the day....its very rare to start off on the right foot, but leave on that same foot is even i was happy about this one. not the cleanest, oh well...sue me. enjoy


Aaron said...

That last one's my fave. I also like the cake. Great stuff. You should find a more interesting way to write Seaworld SanDiego, don't ya think? I always feel like it throws off the continuity of a really cool design.

Aaron said...

You know what, I might have said that in haste. It looks like you do make it kind of interesting. Maybe it could be more interesting. I don't know.

Aaron said...
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justfrancesca said...

FUNN-Y! I really like the black chick especially.

chris chUa! said...

awesome stuff. that girl with the tooth is good stuff! ha ha

Sam "quick draw" Gorrie said...

omg. that girl with the freckles and the teeth, you're a bloody genius. i love it. <3