Sunday, June 21, 2009

50% off

hey guys, haven't posted in awhile, been trying to make that money...since we had to change our prices. its half off caricatures at our park here in Sea World. Some of us picked up real quick with the gimmick , but many of the lifers had the hardest time with it....but man, have we been busy like crazy just shooting out half faced but salable drawings. many of us have been just using three or at most five colors for a whole piece. (beau hufford's always been the champ at that). but even though we've found the ability to perform at full speed but still staying in first gear....we still get the urge to take our time to exaggerate, but its hard at $15 a face....and the lines getting longer and everyone wants a "first year drawing" or a "Oakes fully rendered". But its ok cause we're all in it together. so if you haven't seen any real awesome stuff from your heros like my buddy "Nate Kapnicky" or "Brain Oakes". you will.

heres a few drawings i drew today. nothing great, but just an example of fast half-off drawing, but not half-fast. enjoy
and a couple employees that i also drew up.
new guy, dahveed ( its actually spelled that way, its not david)
letter brush girl, Cara, we always draw her (especially oakes) but nobody ever posts them.hmm?
new girl, claire


Derek Edwards said...

I really like the couple second from the top. I love that use of blue. I guess the time limitation brings out the best in ya. Seeing that caricature I did of you in Tokyo as your new about picture was a nice surprise. Keep up the great work.

Brian Oakes said...

Hey Andy, B-r-i-a-n here,
I like that one of Claire, and that one of D-h-a-v-e-e-d. Its funny that thing you said about me and Nate not posting, cause I've been posting a lot.
Did you see the one I did of Cara that I posted on my blog?

I also, love that use of blue! KEEP POSTING!

KEV said...

dude that one of Dhaveed and Claire are fuckin crazy man, those are so tight...

justfrancesca said...

These are so great, Andy! I love the Cara and Claire. It was perfect to do Claire's hair with just the color stick.

Hey, genius on coloring that guy's face blue. I know what you mean about not being able to exaggerate as much recently. I'm going to post some new ones pretty soon, though.

chris chUa! said...

that claire and dhaveed are awesome!!