Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sum Car Wreck Chores

nate and his women
cloudy, dami and myself when i had a beard

nate as a lil ween
stacy with donut

kristina and her boyfriend

dont really care for this caricature, i just like how the pokemon came out.

here some drawings from the park. see i'm not dead. ( oh some of the ones without people is because we had a rule for like a minute about guest not being in the photos) oh well...enjoy


Eric Goodwin said...

Oh man, so much new stuff! Tons of hilariousness. I love those singing little birds haha

Aaron said...

awesome awesome update. I'm especially struck by the one of the couple with the guy with the single skull on his shirt and the girl has a green shirt. And also I'm enjoying your stylistic departures and new cartoony things I haven't seen you do before.

Aaron said...

Andy gives um the bird.

Guma said...

good stuff man good stuff

Taylor S Smith said...

friggin' sweet, man. Thanks for posting!